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Through the years, Cebu has been regarded as a strategic location for trade and industry relations.

Taking into account our skilled labor force, Cebu’s economy is becoming investment-led brought about by an expansion of commercial and industrial activities. Cebu’s retail industry also strengthened as increasing tourist arrivals and the growing BPO industry increased consumer purchasing power.

With an increasing trading activity both coastwise and international, ports play a very important role in strengthening Cebu’s competitiveness. The island’s strategic location in the Archipelago makes it an ideal supply chain hub as the cost of transporting goods and services to the different areas of the Philippines is minimized due to short sea-shipping distances.

As Cebu's economy continues to expand, Cebu South Port (CSP) is the Primary Group of Builders' answer to the business sector's clamor for a more efficient port -- free from congestion and all other inefficiencies that lead to increased cost of doing business  and ultimately higher prices of basic consumer goods.



“We exist to provide superior port services, and fulfill our promise of efficiency and effectiveness to our clients. To bring economic gains to the Philippines and leave a legacy of honoring our commitments to our stakeholders that ultimately leads to long-lasting partnerships.”


“We aim to become the country’s modern and world-class port facility. To become the logistics hub of choice, connect the Philippines to major economies and be ultimately recognized for logistics excellence.”
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