In the recent years, Cebu’s economy is becoming investment-led brought about by an expansion of commercial and industrial activities. Cebu has been successful in attracting light and heavy industries involved in manufacturing, IT-related services.  Cebu’s retail industry strengthened as increasing tourist arrivals and the growing BPO industry increased consumer purchasing power. Investment outlook is expected to continue due to Cebu’s quality infrastructure and skilled labor force.


With an increasing trading activity both coastwise and international, ports play a very important role in strengthening Cebu’s competitiveness. The island’s strategic location in the Archipelago makes it an ideal supply chain hub as the cost of transporting goods and services to the different areas of the Philippines is minimized due to short sea-shipping distances.


Our mission is to provide an efficient and effective means of transporting goods. With a vision for economic progress, the Cebu South Port Infrastructure Corporation (CSPIC) formed a joint venture with the Municipality of Minglanilla to rehabilitate, expand and upgrade the existing Municipal Port.

The port facility will be constructed by CSPIC with the help of its Engineering Design Consultants who have extensive experience in the design and construction of ports in the Philippines. Operation of the 1st phase of the project will be in 2017, initially targeting vessels which ply the primary trading routes of the Philippines.


CSPIC will cater to the spill-over demand for Berths and Marine Auxilliary Services essential for Maritime Trade which then leads to economic growth thru increased trade, employment and lower prices of prime commodities and goods.



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