Through the years, Cebu has been regarded as a strategic location for trade and industry relations.

Taking into account our skilled labor force that often aims to achieve desired results, many investors and businessmen alike opt to have us as their preferred partners for domestic and international cargo operations. This being said, our ports (government or privately-owned) play a significant role to cater such activities.


Here at Cebu South Port Infrastructure Corporation (CSPIC), our   MISSION  is to provide an efficient and effective means of transporting goods. With a   VISION  to further economic progress, CSPIC formed a joint venture with the Municipality of Minglanilla to rehabilitate,  expand, and  upgrade the latter's existing Municipal Port.

To date, improvements on the facility are continuously made by CSPIC with the help of its Engineering Design Consultants who have extensive experience in the layout and in the implementation of development plans for numerous ports in the Philippines.


CSPIC will cater to the spill-over demand for Berths and Marine Auxiliary Services essential for Maritime Trade which ultimately leads to economic growth through increased trade, employment opportunities and lower prices of prime commodities.